WTF ?!

So, there i was sitting in my classroom; apparently studying chemical kinetics; when the strangest of thoughts come to my mind. I looked at all the other students. Engrossed in their own worlds. Some trying desperately to grasp on to wherever the professor was leading them. They trusted him. Some others had given up and were more comfortable doodling into their notebooks. And then some who were just blanking into and out of this world. Some were busy on their phones. A few were sleeping, free of all the cares of the world. And then there was me.

I was interested in what the professor was saying. But, it was simply too monotonous for me. There was a certain helplessness to his expression. Or maybe an uninterestedness. Possibly, unconcerned. Or hurt.

But he droned on and I thought on. First I thought of tables. Classroom tables. With built in screens. Interactive texts. Virtual labs. Boring. Flexible phones. Transparent screens. High-end graphics. Outdated. Superfast internet. At cheap prices. Impossible. Without the apostrophe. Somewhere to dump all this stuff. Paperbaskets. Wtf? A blog. Cool.

In the beginning there was nothing;
And then God said, let there be him;
So came I;
And God smiled at what He had made;
Let him have a brain He said;
And out from it came this blog;
God hasn’t really smiled since.

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