It is difficult to express how I feel in this particular moment.

Ever had a flesh wound that has healed perfectly but the clotted scab of blood decides to stay on for just a while longer. Try digging a finger-nail into one edge and then slowly pull the dried scab off; you’ll be able to pry the dead mass off of your skin slowly, with the slight taste of iron in your mouth, to reveal the raw red skin underneath. Those who have done this will know the absolute pleasure in clawing off the unwanted from your body. And then in the next few moments, you fill this profound bliss of having discarded all that is just a remnant of a process that has healed you.

In an ever inward journey contemplating existence and purpose, when detours have become he highlight of the journey, it is utterly refreshing to have someone pull you by the hair back on to the path, and make you question your priorities, your assumptions and even your thoughts themselves. And then the revelation of what you are, what you can be and what really matters, put in stark contrast with all the inconsequential baggage that you have been unconsciously carrying.

For you, this could be a casual conversation with an old friend, an intense chat spanning several nights with someone close, or just a deep sleep in the middle of a wintry day, but this moment of truth, when you are for a brief moment aware of what you truly can be, when you transcend the shackles of orthodoxy, when you are rid of all that has been dragging you down, when you can truly think, when you are filled with this glimmer of hope for the future, when with a light ringing in your ears you realize you are not ordinary, when you are truly you.

That is how I feel.


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