I’ll be lazy… later…

Ever since I started leading an independent life away from my parents, it seems as though it has been a blur and a mix of short periods of intense under pressure activity, and long periods of laid back procrastination. While I understand the havoc that laziness can wreck upon someone just about to step into the professional world, I do not even consider myself lazy. A procrastrinator, on the other hand, – most definitely.

Are the two the same?

No. Not really. While lazy implies that the individual is unwilling to use his energy at all, the procrastinator simply puts it off till it comes up higher on the list of priorities. The problem comes, when the procrastinator, turns out to be a bad planner. The reason these two ideas have been mixed up so much is that usually we are not very good planners, and the end result in both the cases turns out to be the same, a muddle of incomplete tasks, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities.

With experience and care, all non-lazy procrastinators can be fairly successful. I usually work well under pressure. So, I begin when I am close to the deadlines, and put in a concentrated amount of effort, to get the job done. The key is to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide when is it late enough to start, and make sure, make very sure that you start by then.

Then again, why procrastinate at all? This question is more like the meaning of life questions. No humanly understandable answer possible. Everybody has his/her own reasons, and we don’t go around asking people, why on time?

To some it is the thrill of having to race against time for each deadline, to others it is the long periods of nothingness that give them the opportunity to just sit and think, and some are just plain old lazy.

But while laziness is a sin, and needs to be dealt with, procrastination is simply a trait, that can be moulded the way you want with proper planning and devotion.

Or at least, that’s what I think (and hope!).


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