Over time I’ve come to realize that blogging is no more just a pastime. The seriousness with which people have started preparing their blogs is inspiring, and so after maybe six months of utter silence, I have decided to get back on the wagon.

When I started this a while back, my motive was to vent my opinions out in a place where very few people would know me, and even fewer would notice. Because blogging, where I come from, does not exist. I formed a premise, did some posts, and after a while the interest fizzled out, or maybe I got burdened with a lot of stuff that got priortized over my very own thoughts.

Then a few months back I decided to revive this old thing with simple homework assignments. Didn’t work.

And so, the great idea got filed away into a remote corner of my brain, to be accessed, if at all, in some distant future.

Until yesterday.

Why I decided to blog in the first place is a question that keeps popping into my mind every time I sit down and pop open WordPress. And, though I have tried many a times to explain to myself that there must be some kind of logical, material benefit that I derive from it; I’ve never been quite convinced. In this line of thought, doing anything without any apparent gain is a complete waste of time and energy. That’s what I’ve been told to believe over the past twenty years of my life. Ideas like interests and passions cease to exist in such a world.

Until yesterday.

It is a rarity that I truly consider someone my friend, close acquaintance – maybe, but my friends are usually a lot more closer to me. So while I was working on this annual magazine thing that I am doing, with my lead designer, who has been a very close acquaintance, I got into a discussion about something and one thing led to another and we got to the point of discussing things we were passionate about (no we did not kiss!).

While we are both undergraduate students in chemical engineering, he is not very particular about becoming an engineer (as it happens every so often in my country). But creative designing is something that he does with all his heart. And I really appreciate that dedication.

And then he popped the question. “Why don’t you follow your passion?”

For a moment or two I was quiet. It rarely happens, but this one time I did not have a cheeky retort. But it did get me thinking. Why at all do I not? I have always professed my love for literature to my friends, and when it comes to writing creative stuff, I am their guy. And yet, I am unable to gather the motivation to follow my passion.

Isn’t that what my blog was about? Letting go of the societal norms and looking at the world from my own lens, hopefully writing something meaningful, and provide an outlet for my passion.

From that moment on, that guy is a friend.

Here’s, to passion!


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