Stuck !

While almost every other writer has at some point in his time cribbed about the writing block he or she has had to face; and that includes me, to me a white plane page of nothing seems almost perfect – unsoiled by the insufficient rendering of human thought into words and sentences.

I sit and watch the perfect blank screen. The small pixels glowing brightly, the perfect white rectangle impersonating paper, and the blinking black line – it is almost hypnotic. Your eyes continue to have fun, forming strange shapes, some recognizable faces, some arbitrary musings, and then you begin to look for something, some meaning in those fading rainbow colored images, clutching at any and all threads of inspiration.

Eventually the desperation loosens its grasp, thoughts that you would not have paid attention to come back to your mind, and now you see them in a new light. That same idea now does not seem that ridiculous. That moment of realisation that you are not alone in this world full of frozen writers.That moment when you realize that out there so many people have made your block a topic to get over their block. That moment when you realize that one of them is me. Now you have got to write something!


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