In my country, being a student is not easy. Being a good student, even more so. Education here is not so much about learning, as it is about getting a decent job in some big company. I feel surrounded by, and an unwilling part of this never ending race. Does this stem from our own intellectual incompetence or is it a by product of the way the society has brought us up? These are complicated questions which demand a lot of thought.

But, I am a backbencher. I do not really have a place in this race. Maybe my heart isn’t really into it. Or, maybe I’m not as motivated. I am running, but to what end? I might never get that coveted job offer, that call letter from a world renowned company, that fat pay check that everybody is pining for.

So here I am, trying to pursue my interest, when all of my fellows (or at least most of them) dash past me trying to get to the material successes of life. Am I being to self-righteous? Or, am I simply too lazy to do what they are doing? That depends on who you are. If you are another fellow backbencher, you’ll sympathize with me. If not, well, I can’t help the way you feel.

As professional backbenchers, we are supposed to be mediocre academics, slobs, and troublemakers. How much of that is our fault? And how much is it a byproduct of the way our educational system trains us?

Is there a solution?
Do we want to solve this?
Maybe I’m content with what I have. Maybe being able to do what I want to do; is preferable over doing what I have to do.
Maybe we have a different perspective to life.
The Backbencher Perspective.


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