A world brimming with technology is bound to have a plethora of views and opinions. And the most neglected classes often have the most radical ideas. Haven’t the most ignored of the lot always brought about change and revolution.

No. I was not referring to myself in the third person up there. But well, if you thought the shoe fit, what the hell…

Opinions are what create and destroy people, families, societies, cultures, worlds… We need to be careful about what we say, how we say it and to whom do we say what. Or do we? Not caring what others think about you and your actions and thoughts is the ‘in’ thing now. And am I different? Who knows? That is for you to judge. We all have thoughts we like to keep to ourselves. Our dirty little secrets. Our dark fantasies. Oh no. Don’t Worry. I am not going to go all ‘fifty shades’ here. This is where I just might put an idea or two once in a while for you to consider. Introspect. Discuss. Form opinions. And then form opinions about those opinions. It does seem to be an endless cycle. Guess what? It is.

I feel it is an essential thing that we always think about the things around us. Think about everything from a completely rational, unbiased and objective viewpoint. But we don’t always do so. I hope I can highlight the other side of the things in our everyday life. If I can make you think, my job is done.

Do wait for my next post.
God bless.


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